8-26-16 Football vs Denmark-Olar
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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Mohawks traveled to Denmark-Olar for their second game of the season coming off the 34-0 win over Academic Magnet. This was their first away game of the season. There were no delays this week as the weather was perfect for a night of football.

The Mohawk defense was nearly flawless allowing zero points the entire game. Three different players for the Mohawks came up with interceptions in the first half as Denmark-Olar kept attempting big plays for long touchdowns.

With 10 seconds left in the half and the score tied at 0-0, the Mohawks decided to end the half with a long pass attempt that got intercepted and ran all the way back for a Denmark-Olar touchdown. To hold the other team scoreless for 23 minutes and then to allow a touchdown going into halftime as time expired could have been a devastating blow to the Mohawks' confidence, but the coaching staff wasn't going to allow doubt to set in. Coach Styles motivated the team during the timeout saying, "We got this game! Understood? Everybody understands! We're going to make these adjustments and we're going to go back out there and we're going to punch them in the second half! Ok. We got to suck it up! Gut check now!"

The Mohawks came out in the second half and kept running the ball until Denmark-Olar figured out how to stop it which did not happen as the Mohawks scored two touchdowns in the third quarter to take a 12-6 lead.

As emotions were running high during the second half comeback, calls that went against the Mohawks could have distracted them, but teammates stepped up to encourage and support each other when it started to look like they were losing focus. In a one possession game on key third down plays, keeping everyone on the same page is what kept the Mohawks from losing their momentum.

The Mohawks made it a two possession game with another touchdown in the fourth quarter. Denmark-Olar was still looking for answers to the mohawk offense, but was running out of time.

The Mohawks ran in one last touchdown in the closing minutes making any comeback by Denmark-Olar impossible. This was a very inspirational victory as the Mohawks faced a painful letdown before halftime which could have deflated them, but they chose to have a positive attitude, support each other, and keep playing their best.

The Mohawks had strong fan support during the road game as well as great encouragement from the cheerleaders. This has been an exciting start of the 2016 football season with the 34-0 win after the lightening delay in game one and overcoming the adversity of last night's game. The Mohawks' next game will be at North on September 2, 2016 at 7:30pm. Go Mohawks!

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