9-16-16 Football vs CA Johnson
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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Mohawks hosted C. A. Johnson on September 14, 2016 after a home loss to Wagener Salley. Both teams traded leads in a game full of flags and other stoppages. Starting quarterback, Braxton Wedgeworth was sidelined after his injury last week.

The Mohawks took a 22-14 lead on a TyShawan Starkes reception touchdown late in the third quarter.

The Hornets scored a touchdown early in the fourth quarter but the Mohawks were able to keep a 2 point lead by stopping the Hornets on their 2-point P.A.T. attempt.

The Mohawks now had the ball and the lead with 7:44 left in the game. Another score or running out the clock would give them the win.

The Mohawks ran the ball often with Makiah Simmons in order to keep the clock running.

In a crucial 4th and long, wide receiver Arnel Hammond came through in the clutch with a reception and yards after catch for the first down.

The Mohawks were un able to score and ran out of downs, giving the Hornets the ball and 90 yards to go with just over 2 minutes left in the game. The Mohawks now needed to stop the Hornets from scoring to get the win.

The Hornets were able to convert on pass attempts, but the Mohawks made sure that yards were limited on each down.

The Hornets got within scoring distance but the Mohawk defense was able to cover as close as you could without drawing a flag which, as far as this game had went, was very surprising.

Though he was unable to play, Braxton showed great leadership by encouraging his teammate from what he was able to observe from the sidelines.

Games that come down to the last play can be terrifying to watch or play in, but they do offer the most satisfaction to the winner.

The Hornets set up for a pass play that turned into a quarterback scramble as time expired. The team that could manage through the unpredictable chaos on the field was going to win this game.

The Mohawks did a great job of adjusting to the frantic quarterback and getting the stop they needed to seal the win.

The outcome of most football games is usually known long before the game ends due to an unrecoverable lead which leads to a business as usually ending. Tonight game, due to the intensity of the uncertain outcome, ended in absolute joy of not only performing under high pressure, but also getting off to one of the best starts in school history at 4-1

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