9-23-16 Football vs Whitmire
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 6 had the Mohawks and their faithful fans traveling 2 hours to Whitmire to build on their exciting win from last week vs C.A. Johnson.

The first half was back and forth with both teams exchanging leads and Whitmire doing a good job containing last weeks Player of the Week, Makiah Simmons.

The Mohawks gained momentum on an interception by Braxton Wedgeworth who was returning after having to sit out last week from his injury vs Wagener Salley.

With Simmons struggling to gain long yards, the Mohawks went to Arnel who was able to convert a TD catch in traffic to put the Mohawks up 7 over Whitmire.

Improved conditioning from last year led to Makiah Simmons winning the battle attrition over the Whitmire defense and breaking free for a 60 yard touch down run and putting the Mohawks up 2 possessions with just over 3 minutes left in the game.

Commitment in the weightroom and showing up for all conditioning sessions pays off when you still have to battle on the opponent's field late in the 4th quarter during their homecoming.

The feeling of satisfaction didn't last long as Whitmire responded with an immediate 60 yard touch down run of their own bring it back to a one possession game. The Mohawks were in a similar position as last week where all they needed to do was run out the clock. They did this by keeping the ball in Makiah Simmons' hands for the most part while also throwing to TyShawan Starkes when the defense left him open.

The Mohawks pulled off another win in the final moments, but this one was a little more satisfying for how far they had to travel while also spoiling an opponent's homecoming on their home field. All the faithful fans were treated to another great performance.

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