10-8-16 Hurricane Accommodations
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Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Bethune-Bowman Campus was a shelter area during Hurricane Matthew. Evacuees from the east coast had free access to the gymnasium for safety from the harsh weather. On Tuesday, an announcement was made that there will be no school for the remainder of the week. The next morning, Bethune-Bowman faculty and staff including Principal Lakekia Lewis, Leroy Brigman, Michael Maki, Dwight Johnson, Sandra Pelzer, Joe Frazier, Sandra Middleton, and Gerald Dantzler got to work in preparation for accommodating families who were forced to leave their homes.

The process began with clearing the gymnasium from the previous night’s Middle/High School Coronation Ceremony. The stage, chairs, and props all had to be removed to make room for all the cots and supplies that would be provided by the American Red Cross. The restrooms and facilities were also stocked up with toiletries.

Throughout the storm, custodial staff replaced ceiling tiles as needed due to leaks, cleaned up spills, kept supplies stocked, and provided general maintenance throughout the week.

Bethune-Bowman was experienced with providing safety during severe weather from the flood in 2014 and had no problem making the same accommodations for Hurricane Matthew. We have a caring cafeteria staff and a dedicated custodial staff lead by the OCSD5 February 2016 Staff of the Month, Leroy Brigman.

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